Don’t pay Disney…PAY ME!

Back in November my mom, sister, aunt, uncle, cousins, their wives, and all their children planned a big trip to Disney all together, and then all head back to Cape Coral to have a big party for my Nana and Poppop’s 90th birthdays! Since I can only handle a Disney trip every few years or so, I decided not to go, but to instead make Mickey ears for everyone in the family! Well here they are…..<3


Alice in Wonderland_MG_7701.JPG

Steelers ears for my cousins and uncle_MG_7708.JPG


Beauty and the Beast_MG_7714.JPG


Snow White_MG_7722.JPG

Lady and the Tramp_MG_7727.JPG


Lilo and Stitch_MG_7738.JPG

Star Wars- Kylo Ren_MG_7745.JPG

Star Wars-Boba Fett_MG_7751.JPGStar Wars_MG_7757.JPG

And Tinkerbell_MG_7764.JPG

Andddd our birthday party picture ❤_MG_8124 copy.jpg

Regal Glam wedding with a Star Wars undertone.

Among my many other random jobs I have taken on over the years, one of the bigger ones I have taken a stab at is wedding planning and designing. Despite the many gray hairs I have collected over this venture, I really do enjoy helping people’s visions come to life.

What comes to mind when you think of a regal glam winter wedding with lots of plum and gold colors with an added dash of the hubbies obsession…..Star Wars…?  If you couldn’t think of anything, that’s fine, we made it all happen. haha   The Vader groom and stormtrooper groomsmen were super stoked on their surprise, handmade Star Wars glam boutonnieres. 🙂  (** Also if you were wondering about the seahorse one….I honestly couldn’t give you a straight answer as to what the inside joke for it was, BUT that’s okay. It was made for the ‘bridesman’ hehe ) Anyway here’s a minor taste of one of the things I created for the wedding!


Christmas present request..

My Aunt Tracy asked me if I could make her wooden plaques for her and her three “boys” for Christmas. The style was up to my discretion, but the elements to be included were the ‘B’, ‘The Bungcayao Family’, and then each year everyone got married. Here’s a quick snapshot of the end results of all 4 plaques, after being wood stained and painted. (camera phone photo…sorry)


Costume Creating

Of course my flight to Florida is delayed, on my way to visit my parents and grandparents, but I’m decided to stay positive and use this time wisely. (AKA posting on my forgotten blog.)

Anyway, for the past few months I have been getting back into dancing again and started weekly teaching and choreographing a piece for the Academy dancers at ACIT High School. (Sorry to say you missed their end of the year spring show, on May 20th.)  My dance was called and created to the song Hunger of the Pine by Alt-J (music video edit). When the dance was mainly finished and the question/decision about what costumes to use for the piece soon came up, I was at a stand still on what to do. I obviously didn’t have the proper funds to fully cloth 14 students and the options of costumes from prior dances didn’t seem to fully connect with the song the way I wanted. So, if you know me at all, I’m not really keen on settling for something so I hit the drawing board to create my own costume flow. (And by drawing board I mean sketching in a small notebook on my plane ride home from a yoga retreat in Morocco……….another adventure I’d like to add up on the blog….some day haha.)

Here’s what I came up with: All handsewn by yours truly


The song ‘Hunger of the Pine’ is very dynamic, so I needed something that connected with the flowy and smooth like nature within itself, as well as embodying the hard “hip hop” beats that repeatedly rung out saying “I’m a Female Rebel.” So by adding the choker necklace, with a spike and a few charms, that then continued onto the flowing capped sleeves that floated all the way down to their middle fingers, in my opinion balanced out with the random motifs within the song.


If you want to see a tiny bit of the dance I choreographed head on over to my instagram @steviepopi to watch a clip of the dancers in action on stage!

Thanks for reading.

It’s been a while…….

In my attempt to keep the ‘world’ updated on my latest projects, creations, travels, and such I have royally screwed up and disregarded my blog updates fairly quick after creating this page. Starting now, coming to you live from the beaches of Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, I hope I can actually keep up with weekly posts on what keeps a self employed 26 year old busy and afloat in her daily life 🙂

On that note I would like to leave you with this….a mental reminder that I have struggled with my whole life, but I try to continually follow every dang day.

Figure out and learn what makes you happy AND DO IT……IMMEDIATELY! Don’t let the world pin you down with the constant thoughts of what if, how that, or the “maybe one day I’ll get there, maybe one day I’ll have that. Maybe one day someone will appreciate me and the things I do.” Cause here’s the sad truth….the world owes you nothing and there will be MANY people in your life who take your hard work and kindness for granted. Be the go getter, be the first to speak up, be in constant PR mode, and begin to live for YOURSELF and create YOUR own happiness. It’s no one else’s job to do so and as hard as it is stop expecting that. Kick your own butt and mind into gear and everything and anything can be possible.

I have worked my butt off over the past year to create what I now have and creating an atmosphere to be my own boss, which I single handedly realized has been my dream job probably since the day I was born. A hustler never stops hustlin’ or so they say…..but either way I continuously live by that rule.

Stay tuned for my future updates!

❤ Stevie

Hello world!

I figured this would probably be the easiest way to display and share all my random, daily crafts and projects. I am constantly testing the waters and pushing myself to always create something new, try something new, and never say no to a creative challenge. Busy hands are happy hands, as they say.

If you ever have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I’m always down for new ideas and new opportunities. Here’s to my first craft wordpress post and certainly not my last.